Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Batman Begins: worth the price of a new seat

I shall first get the fanwankery out of my system:


That said, my review:

Batman Begins was everything I had hoped it to be: a terrifically well-directed, mostly well-cast, dark, angsty movie about a seriously messed up guy who finds a new identity in fighting crime.

I knew Christian Bale would be a great Batman from the start. I have had faith in him--I was right. I think about ten thousand people owe me five bucks.

Cillian Murphy, who originally tried out to be Batman but came in as such a strong runner-up that he got to be the bad guy (much like James Franco in the Spiderman movies), accomplished the daunting task of being scarily pretty and having maggots crawling on his face. You can see his beautiful blue eyes through the maggot mask. It's a nice effect.

Speaking of effects, Christopher Nolan was a very successful man-behind-the-curtain. He uses a lot of the fast cutting that fresh-out-of-indie filmmakers seem to be relying on lately (Aronofsky anyone? Not that I don't like Aronofsky...) but he does it well. Not letting the audience even see Batman for more than a split second when he first appears provided so much tension that I actually broke my seat. I'm kind of a big girl to be bouncing up and down with excitement.

Actually, the place I broke my seat at was when Bruce called his partygoers "phonies". I don't know if that was intentional, but all of us out there trying to grab the brass ring sure enjoyed it.

My main problem: Rachel Dawes. At first, I thought it was watching Joey from Dawson's Creek bob her head up and down in the WB Television school of acting style, but then I realized that that wasn't really the problem. My beef is that her character really doesn't have anything to do but act lawful good and look pretty-yet-slightly-less-pretty-than-Batman-as-to-not-be-distracting. She's just not very interesting. The Batman love interests that keep people's attention have to have tension--either "Oh my God, I'm in love with a convicted felon" or "Oh my God, your dad wants to destroy humanity". "Oh my God, you...knew me as a kid and are extremely wholesome" just doesn't cut it.

But Talia would have been too much to expect. The movie is good enough as it is.

Finally, I would like to note that while I maintained my composure (except for breaking the seat...) Amy wept openly. And dammit, if she didn't mention that in her post, I sure as hell am.


Anonymous badficwriter said...

FINALLY went to see the movie.

..Sorry, but I thought Bale was a terrible Batman. I don't think I would have bought him as Nightwing.

Which is what I kept picturing, every time The Female Interest talked.

Dick Grayson, with long hair.

6:03 PM, July 08, 2005  

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