Thursday, December 22, 2005

Captain Jackson's feet of clay

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I dressed up like a superhero and patrolled my city. Amy and I tried it on Halloween but we were nothing compared to the two dozen Ninja Turtles on the streets, not to mention the pair of Transformers. (There's nothing like a college town on Halloween.) People thought she was Robin Hood and I was...some kind of hooker maybe? I got some weird stares, which got weirder when I explained in great detail who I was supposed to be.

The point is, unbeknownst to either of us, Jackson, Michigan has had its own superhero since 1999: Captain Jackson. I'm really sad that I never knew of this guy until, following his alter ego's arrest for impaired driving, he was unmasked in his local paper.

I first heard about this through a better and more sympathetic piece in the Detroit Free Press today entitled "Unmasked, Hero Is Human". The reporter even compares the rise and fall of Captain Jackson to a DC Comics storyline. However, I think it's really more like a Marvel storyline, as I am pretty sure the exact same thing has happened to Daredevil at least twice.

The Free Press article says that the Captain has been unreachable since his unmasking and has ceased to go on patrol. But I sincerely hope that this civic defender can bounce back from this plot twist. I don't mean to condone drinking and driving, but I feel he deserves another chance. Maybe he needs a new creative team. Or maybe his teen sidekick, Crimefighter Girl will take over the flowing purple mantle, ushering in a new era for the city of Jackson.

Here's to hoping. Good luck, Captain Jackson, wherever you are.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think u should play X-men legends 2. That really suits ur character. =)

11:49 PM, December 26, 2005  

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