Friday, July 29, 2005

I'm not dead, but my computer is.

My computer mysteriously forgot some major component of its operating system.

Long story short, I'm going to be separated from my scans collection for a while.

How does this affect you? Well, it means no more Homoerotica Fridays -- at least for a while.

But there shall be a whole week of lovely scans posts to celebrate my computer's triumphant return once we get it up and running again. I promise.

It's a damn shame that the thing is busted, too, because I've got a hell of a whole lot to be excited about in the comics world.

  • The Spirit is getting his own monthly -- by Darwyn Cooke.

    I love Darwyn Cooke. If you've met me in person, chances are I've tried at least once to get you to read DC: The New Frontier. Or his issue of Solo. Because they are awesome.

    If there's anyone I trust to pick up where Eisner left off, it's Cooke. Because The Spirit has a legacy of being a smart, sexy series with stunning visuals. And I've seen Cooke do smart. And sexy. And I hope to God he maintains the tradition of the series' famous introductory splash panels.

  • The return of The Brave and the Bold

    If this is what a post-Infinite-Crisis DCU is going to include, you can sign me up. Justice League Unlimited has shown that you can go outside The Trinity (or even The Big Leaguers) and still tell an exciting story.

    And I won't lie: the total fanboy in me is absolutely howling for a Green Lantern/Batman issue.

  • JSA Classified

    Written by Geoff Johns, penciled by Amanda Conner and starring Power Girl's breasts, this is a highly entertaining read. I'm really digging Conner's art style, which just cartoony enough to suit the slightly goofy angle to the story. It's a damn shame that it's Adam Hughes' cover, not Conner's, that's being put out for the second printing. Oh, well. If Hughes gets more people to read this book, I won't mind.

  • This week's issue of Flash

    OH GOD. What's the one thing that you can do to end an issue that beats the return of Professor fucking Zoom? THIS. Oh God damn you, Johns, for knowing exactly which buttons to push. I had to put down the issue and compose myself halfway through. My hands were shaking for several minutes after finishing. Oh damn you, you bastard. Damn you for knowing exactly how to get a deeply visceral reaction out of me.

  • Batman Begins for the PS2

    Holy God, I love this game! I'm such an 8- and 16-bit kid, and I've never been very good at 3d environments. But this game rocks on levels of awesome I haven't felt since I played Earthbound for the SNES. To emphasize the film's themes about fear and stealth, you sneak around the shadows and use the surroundings (crates, pipes, tankers) to scare the bejeezus out of your enemies, swoop down and take them out without being seen. One of the meters shown for your enemy is his heart rate -- you can actually see how much he's pissing himself before you cold-cock him. It's so beautiful I could weep. It totally indulges every fanboy Batman fantasy and then some. I highly reccommend it.

  • Marty Nodell is cooler than you

    Martin Nodell, creator of the Green Lantern (and an all-around nice guy) has promised that he'll do everything he can to make the trek out to Charlotte, North Carolina for HeroCon 2006. Considering that by then he''l be what, pushing 91? This blows my mind. Not only that, but he says he'll front the cost so an indie publisher or artist can come, too.

    I've had the extreme pleasure of meeting Nodell and this just falls right in line with how genuinely upstanding I think he is. I wish I had the coin to truck it out to the south next summer.

    Hell. Maybe it can be a graduation present.

  • Daughters of the Dragon

    This is Marvel, so I'm not quite sure what the hell it's all about. Franny makes incoherently happy gurgling noises where Misty Knight is concerned (she was overjoyed to see her cameo in House of M, for example), so I'll take her word for it that it's a good thing.

See you once I get the bat-computer up and running again, kids.


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