Thursday, July 14, 2005

Comics review part three: Green Arrow #52

When an issue's title is "Identity Crisis... again," you know that can't be a good sign.

Let's count the moments Amy rolled her eyes at this book:

1) The razor-sharp dialogue!

Mia: Holy crap.
Conner: Yes.
Mia: They blew up our digs?
Conner: Yes.
Mia: Wild.
Conner: Yes.

2) Judd Winnick putting teenage slang into Mia's mouth reads like my dad trying to sound cool. I should never see the word "mondo" in a comic, ever. If this gets any worse, Mia's going to actually say "OMGKTHXBYE" on-panel, and I'm going to be forced to break something.

3) "Because you need a white girl to play one of the leads." "One-- it's because you're talented, and two--yes. Mr. Hobson thinks we might get sued for discrimination."

4) Tom Fowler's pencilling makes everyone look like they were made of putty. Whenever someone opens their mouth, their jaw dislocates and slides to the side, or protrudes their lips an inch away from their face. Limbs twist like Gumby. There's next to no foreshortening. Ollie's pupils refuse to line up, so it looks like he has a lazy eye. Conner continues to be a tan white kid. Why am I so intimidated to put together an art portfolio, if this is what it takes to get a job drawing comics?

Come back, Phil Hester and Ande Parks. I miss you.

5) "Help me find Dr. Light!" When you quote something, it should, at the very least, be a poingant allusion. all this does is confirm Winick's critics that he can't come up with a story on his own.

The cover, on the other hand, is lovely. The archery isn't perfect (but it's far from the worst I've seen), and Zatanna looks great as well. I just wish I got the Zatanna/Green Arrow team-up issue that it advertised.

That would have been a fun read.


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