Thursday, July 14, 2005

Comics review for week of July 13: Batman #642

And so the review of this week's haul continues, working from the crappiest comics to the best.

The second-worst book this week? Batman #642.

Let me say this: there is no reason Batman should be a bad book. Ever. As one of the Big Three, you have to assume that this is going to be one of the books most-read by people who don't ordinarily read comics. Especially with the movie out, you have to put your best stuff forward.

The writing leaves me lukewarm, mostly because there's not a whole lot of it. The book averages maybe a dozen words per page. The characterization rubs me the wrong way (Killer Croc deliberately lets a roomful of innocents go, but he's still a threat to civilians? What?). And then there's the dialogue:

Killer Croc: Why? Why do you care if [The Mad Hatter] dies?
Batman: The same... uh... reason I care... if you do.

If Killer Croc has an easier time constructing a sentence than Batman, you know you're not doing it right.

The art isn't that hot either. It's not eye-burningly bad, but the blood looks so fake it could be ketchup. There's a reason I prefer black blood in comics -- I've never seen anyone do red blood properly. Killer Croc looks like someone dropped a jar of strawberry dessert topping on his head, which is hardening into a shiny lacquered shell.

Also: can we get Dr. Scott to call bullshit on the fake medical science in this issue? I'd love to watch someone smarter than I am tear this issue a new one.


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