Sunday, July 17, 2005

You know, I did read good comics this week... sort of.

After snarking over most of this week's comics haul, I must say I did read two comics this week that were pretty good.

No, scratch that. One was not too bad. One was fucking spectacular.

The pretty good one? JLA #116. It gets bonus points for being the one story arc that rehashes Identity Crisis without making my brain hurt too much. That said, I wish the DCU could just let that story the fuck go. I liked it, it had its merits and flaws -- and for the love of God, it should have been over a year ago.

But. I digress.

It's an alright read. Carter's a hardass and that's entertaining, Ollie gets to be snarky, and it's fun watching Geoff Johns' beloved Saint Hal float over everything. (Seriously. His feet never touch the ground in this whole damn issue. It may be an easy way to get around layout problems, but it's an amusing coincidence.)

It's kind of sad that this is the best thing that came out this week for me, though. It's ok, but comics should make my heart race, dammit. They should make me want to read the next issue desperately.

They sure as hell shouldn't rehash a story that should have died a long freaking time ago.

Can we go back to this, please?


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