Tuesday, September 06, 2005

...And We're back!

Sorry for the extended period of radio silence, kids. My computer crashed, a new semester at MSU started, and I discovered the beautiful, addictive joy that is World of Warcraft.

I've been wanting to post something ever since I read Batman #644, something to add my voice to the echoes of rage over the man known in some circles as WTFingham and Willinghamfucktard. I had composed at least six versions of a good rant, but I couldn't bring myself to bring any of them to a satisfying conclusion. It just wasn't worth the effort.

So I took a long look at my pull list, and a surprisingly large number of them filled me with either depression (in the case of Batman) or apathy (all of the Infinite Crisis miniseries, with the exception of Villains United.)

So I quietly dropped them. No fanfare, no ranting, just the simple declaration: I would rather special order the 2nd or 3rd print of a really good comic than eagerly buy the 1st edition of one that sucks.

I'm totally with Damon here: the Rann/Thanagar war is a perfect example of a comic trying to do way too damn much all at once. (Long-time readers will note I predicted R/T's suckitude back in June.) I can only help that Dave Gibbons will do better when he can focus solely on Green Lanterns.

Life's too short to read shitty comics. And I don't have the bank to spend on substandard books, either, what with my newfound Warcraft addiction and everything.

So. A return to the funny! A return to Homoerotica Fridays!

A return to being happy about good comics, for the love of God!


Blogger Bat-Mac said...

I also return from a prolonged absence to the world of the blog.

I couldn’t quite believe what happened in Batman #644. And I could probably have stomached the ending if Gabrych (or other decent writer) wrote it.

Is Willingham taking the piss? That’s what he seems to be doing over in Robin. Fables is a work of genius. But some guys can’t hack the superhero game and is one guy who should stay away… stay away forever!

Unfortunately (luckily?) I have much more money than I have sense (and I don’t have a lot of money), so I’m pulling pretty much every DC title out there. I will never drop any of the Bat-books, but I certainly resent paying for some of them at the moment!

10:56 AM, September 08, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Latest interview with Gibbons is that he got a laundrey list of characters, and the only one he managed to convince editorial to drop was Bizarro.

Can you imagine R/T with Bizarro in it?

...Actually, I rather liked that mini. Much better than Omac or Donna Troy or Day of Vengeance.


7:40 PM, October 29, 2005  

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